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There is scarcely a person alive that doesn’t use some type of smartphone these days. Therefore, almost everybody uses the apps that are commonly found on these phones. Granted, some people practically live for these things and they will download every kind of app they can possibly think of that even remotely relates to some other part of their life, even if they hardly ever use it. Others choose to be very discerning when it comes to the apps they download and as such, they might only have a handful of apps at their disposal instead of having a phone that is so full of them the phone can hardly even operate. Chances are, you probably fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. Whatever your own personal downloading habits might be, you may be interested to know how the whole subject of mobile app development really got its start, not to mention how it is coming along today.

What Is The Point Of It All?

Basically, apps are there for one reason and one reason only. They are designed to help you better understand how your mobile device works and then take advantage of it so it works as well for you as possible. After all, you are spending several hundred dollars on virtually every smartphone that you purchase, so it is important that you are able to get the most out of it without becoming an expert on mobile technology in the process. Anyone should be able to use a smartphone and get some type of advantage out of it. If the apps are so confusing that you can’t figure out how to use them or you are only able to utilize a few features on the app, then the developers have not done their job. The goal is to create apps that everyone can take advantage of, ranging from seasoned smartphone users to people that are just now using one for the first time.

Different Kinds Of Apps

Basically, there are three main types of apps. It might seem difficult to believe that all of the different apps that are available fall into one of these three categories, but that is essentially how it is. The reason there are only three different types is because it isn’t really about the subject matter that a particular app covers or even what it is capable of doing from the user’s standpoint. It is about how the app is built and what it is capable of incorporating because of the way it has been designed. Therefore, the three types of apps that you need to concern yourself with are native, hybrid, and HTML5.

Native Apps Are The Most Basic Versions Of Apps Out There

Native apps got their name for one simple reason. They come pre-programmed on your smartphone. All of the apps that show up on your screen when you buy your smartphone are considered native apps. There is a reason that certain apps are typically included when you buy a smartphone, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that they are easily the most popular apps out there. This increases the chances that you are going to use them so most mobile app developers ensure that they are included on smartphones to begin with. Typically, this saves you a lot of time and effort because you don’t have to go find them and then download them since they are already there. There are a lot advantages to using these types of apps. They are exceptionally easy to use and as previously mentioned, they are already integrated with your phone. This means you can use the camera or your contacts list or whatever you have on your phone with the app in order to make it easier on you. When you use native apps, you are basically increasing the level of convenience that you can enjoy. They also include exceptionally good graphics and animation and they are designed to be safe and secure with plenty of offline storage space. They also feature push notifications, so you can get alerts on your phone that pertain to those apps if you so choose.

HTML5 App Development

These are the apps that you will go find and then download on your phone. The good thing about them is that you can download practically anything you want, as there is a wide range of different topics available for different interests. The truth is, you can find just about anything you want with these types of apps so you can customize your phone in a way that is personal to you and the things that you care about. In addition, they usually employ JavaScript, which makes them easy to use. They also involve third parties that are designed to enhance both the function and the appearance of the particular app you are downloading. You might think of it as something that you can download that allows you to look at information as if you were looking at a fully functioning webpage. Of course, the downside to having a lot of these apps is that they take up a lot of space on your phone and they may not always be the most user-friendly thing available for a mobile device. It really depends on the particular app in question.

Hybrid Apps Bring It All Together

A lot of people prefer hybrid apps instead of the native apps or the HTML5 version. This is because they take the advantages of both of the other types of apps and incorporate them into a single entity. You get push notifications and you can enjoy something that is easy to use while simultaneously having an app that works like a webpage. That way, you don’t feel like the usability of the app is negatively affected and you also have all of the advantages available to you when it comes to mobile app development, meaning that you can take full advantage of your mobile device whenever you decide to do so. These apps are more functional than either the HTML5 or the native versions because they incorporate everything that a good app should have and leave out all of the extra stuff that does nothing more than bog down your phone and take up a lot of memory. Chances are, when you use hybrid apps, you don’t even know that you are using them. They are designed to be so functional and easy to use that you can usually download them without any problems, even if you are fairly new to the whole world of smartphones. This is indeed good news for the people that are still hanging on to their flip phones and have yet to traverse the world of smartphones and all of these different apps.

What About Your Phone?

There is a better than average chance that you have a mixture of all of these different apps on your phone. That is especially true if you have a tendency to download a lot a lot of different apps from various sources. It might be a little less likely that you would have all three versions if you only download one or two apps in addition to the native apps that already came on your phone when you bought it. The point is, if you look at things from the standpoint of mobile app development, these apps allow you to utilize your mobile device more like a laptop computer than anything else. This is a major development because it wasn’t really all that long ago that it simply wasn’t possible to do any of this. The truth is, people that are growing up with this type of technology really don’t know how good they have it because they don’t know what it was like before it existed. Even people that don’t consider themselves to be attached to their smartphone and even those that could really not care less about this type of technology still use it on a daily basis. You might use the technology rather begrudgingly, but you are still using it. Maybe you use your phone for work or to keep in touch with family and friends, but if you have a smartphone, you can bet that you are using at least a few of the apps along with it.


The unique thing about mobile app development is that this type of technology is constantly evolving and it is doing so at an extremely rapid pace. It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with things. It isn’t just your phone that becomes out-dated only a couple of weeks after you buy it. You download an app and only a few days later, there is another update available. Sometimes, it feels like all you do is update apps but it is important to do so because every update features new technology that is enhanced to make your experience with that particular app more rewarding, safer, and more convenient. Just imagine where this technology will be within the next few years. The possibilities are practically limitless, and that is an exciting thing for everyone involved. It also means that you can learn to use certain apps to your advantage in order to tailor them to your lifestyle so that you can spend more time doing the things that you really love to do, like being with your loved ones or participating in your favorite activity. In that way, mobile app development helps everyone, whether they claim to love this sort of technology or not.

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